Update — iOSDevUK Conference

This week I went to Aberystwyth, a small seaside town on the coast of Wales. Why on earth would I do that? Well, for iOSDevUK of course! I was there speaking on developing for other platforms, which got some really positive feedback from. I was also making the most of being there, attending and meeting a huge range of cool and inspiring people. Thanks to everyone who helped make that a great event.

I’ve made some fairly decent progress on the pixel art app, including switching layer visibility and a range of design improvements. Not a lot to show yet, but I’m happy with progress so far. Hopefully by the time I do my next post, I should have something vaguely usable.

Tech Tip — Hard Pixel Scaling

I was asked in my last blog post how I do the pixel art in my new game. Well, firstly, just to be clear, I am working at the perceived resolution, not device resolution. So all of my assets work at 240×160 resolution, and I scale things appropriately. In cocos2d, you can simply put:

[self setScale:2.0]; 

on your layer, but that will leave you with blurred edges as it is by default antialiased. To counter act this, for each texture I load in, I’m calling

[[sprite texture] setAliasTexParameters]; 

To simplify this process, I’ve simply subclassed CCSprite and added this behaviour. I’ve done this in such away that means it’s still possible to add new layers at full resolution, which I’m planning on doing at some point.


“Build a business, not a startup”

On my way to Aberystwyth, I listened to ReWork by the guys at 37signals. It’s a great book, and a great antidote to the startup mentally so prevalent in our industry. There’s a lot I could have pulled out from it, and I really recommend that you get hold of a copy. Talking about building a business, not a startup, they talked about how we should be in it for the long haul, building something profitable and sustainable, rather than looking for the out before we’ve even started. This got me thinking not just about Rizer as a whole, but about the various projects I work on and release. I want what I’m building to last many years into the future, which means I want to build products that I’m really passionate about, and will be happy to support and update for many years to come. And as a company, I want Rizer to be an entity that outlives me, that I can pass on to future generations.