The launch of Pixaki 3 is just around the corner, and I am so excited! While version 2 was primarily a rewrite of version 1, version 3 takes a more solid foundation and runs with it, adding a wealth of new features that will completely transform how you use the app. If you want to get excited too, you can read all about those new features on the Pixaki page. Version 3 will be a new app with a new pricing model, so I thought now would be a good time to explain how it’s going to work.

What will it cost?

Pixaki 3 will launch for $24.99 / £23.99 / €24.99. While that’s more than previous versions have cost, it reflects the fact that this is a substantially different app. Features like animation with onion skinning, reference layers, enhanced PSD support, and sprite sheet creation now mean that this is a serious piece of software that you can use professionally.

How do I upgrade?

Discounted upgrade pricing will be available to all existing customers using an app bundle. To say thank you, we’re going to offer the maximum possible discount: If you want to upgrade, you’ll only pay the difference between what you paid for the old version and the price of version 3. So if you bought Pixaki 2 for the current price of £8.99, you can upgrade to Pixaki 3 for £15.

Will support for Pixaki 2 continue?

Yes, absolutely. The plan is to make sure that Pixaki 2 runs without any issues on all versions of iOS up to 12.0 by releasing compatibility updates. I know that not everyone will want to upgrade, but you will still have a fully functioning app for at least a couple more years.

I’ve been thinking about how best to handle upgrades since I started developing Pixaki 3, 18 months ago. I hope I’ve arrived at something that is both fair, and gives Pixaki the best possible chance of becoming a sustainable business. I believe that the future is very bright for pixel art. I’ve seen more incredible pixel art games in development right now than I’ve ever seen, and people are using the medium in completely new ways. My aim with Pixaki is to create modern pixel art creation software that will help to propel the medium forward to even greater things. Thank you so much for your support over the years — I can’t wait to see what you’ll create with Pixaki 3.