Pixaki User Guide


Pixaki supports layers, much like Photoshop and other profession graphics software. Unlike other apps, however, Pixaki has two distinct types of layers — pixel layers and reference layers. Pixel layers are created at the canvas resolution and are used for all drawing. Reference layers hold images that are used as references — these can’t be drawn on, but the images can be resized and repositioned to be used as a guide for drawing on pixel layers.

Creating layers

To make a new layer, press the add-layer-button, then select which type of layer you would like to create — either a pixel layer or a reference layer. You can create up to 50 layers per frame.

Layer menu

Tap on a layer to select it, then tap again to bring up the layer menu. From here you can perform a variety of actions.


Adjust opacity

Use the slider to adjust the opacity of the layer. You can also tap on the decrease-opacity and increase-opacity icons to decrement and increment the value respectively. The current opacity is shown above the slider as a percentage value.

Toggle visibility

You can show or hide a layer by using the hide-layer button. When a layer is hidden, the show-layer icon will appear over the layer in the layers list.

Cut, copy, and paste

Use the cut, copy, and paste to cut, copy, and paste the layers. If you paste a copied layer, the layer image, opacity, and visibility will be applied to the new layer. You can also paste an image from another app as a layer, or paste a layer as in image into another app.


To duplicate a layer, press the ‘Duplicate duplicate’ button. This will create an exact copy of the current layer.

Merge down

To merge a layer down, press the ‘Merge down merge-down’ button. If either or both of the layers are not at 100% opacity, then the resulting layer will have semi-transparent pixels, but the layer itself will always be created at 100% opacity.

Cut, copy, paste, duplication, and merging are only available on pixel layers.


To delete a layer, press the ‘Delete trash’ button.

Reordering layers

To move a layer, press and hold the layer you’d like to move, and drag it to where you’d like it to be. As you drag to reorder the layers, the canvas will update to give you a preview.

Reference layers

When a reference layer is selected, some additional tools are available to manipulate the image. You can reposition the image anywhere on the canvas by dragging it. The green adjustment handles in the corner of the image can be used to resize the image (the aspect ratio is always maintained). The buttons in the toolbar allow you to rotate the image anti-clockwise rotate-anti-clockwise or clockwise rotate-clockwise, or flip the image horizontally flip-horizontal or vertically flip-vertical.

Because the image can be scaled and positioned without restriction, you can either user the reference layer to trace over, or have reference layers on the canvas adjacent to your drawing.