Pixaki User Guide


Enter selection mode by pressing the selection icon, which will turn the toolbar blue and provide a different set of tools to work with. Exit selection mode again by pressing the done button.


Cut and copy

Tap the selection icon to trigger selection mode. Touch and drag across the screen to select an area, then tap the cut or copy icon to cut or copy that section of the current layer. You can paste your selection back into Pixaki, or any other app that supports pasting images.


With an image on the clipboard, you can paste it by selecting the paste icon when in selection mode. Pixaki has a paste-to-tile feature that lets you quickly tile an area with an image from the clipboard. To use this feature, touch and hold the paste icon and the image will be tiled across the canvas.


One you’ve made a selection, you can rotate the selected pixels clockwise rotate-clockwise or anti-clockwise rotate-anti-clockwise, or flip them horizontally flip-horizontal or vertically flip-vertical. If you choose to rotate an area that isn’t square, the selection will go in to move mode so that you can decide on the exact placement of the pixels.


To move pixels around, make a selection, then tap the ‘Move’ button. Dragging the selection will then move the pixels underneath. When you are finished, you can place the pixels by tapping the ‘Place’ button, or by exiting selection mode. You can move the pixels to another layer or frame by selecting that layer or frame whilst in move mode.