Pixaki User Guide


What is Pixaki?

Pixaki is a powerful pixel art creation studio for iPad. It features many of the same features found in desktop apps — such as custom canvas sizes, layers, precise colour selection and customisable palettes — but with a gorgeous multi-touch interface that is just right for iPad.

Whether you’re creating 8-bit game characters or vast isometric cityscapes, Pixaki has the tools you’ll need in an app you’ll love.


Pixel perfect precision

Some touch interfaces can feel like they lack accuracy, but creating pixel art with Pixaki is every bit as accurate as using a mouse and cursor. Pixaki lets you smoothly zoom in up to 250x with a simple pinch gesture to give you unparalleled precision. It turns out that pixel art and iPad are an awesome combination.


There’s some great artwork in this user guide, and all of it was created in Pixaki. Thanks to Jason Tammemagi, Toby Ryan, Rick Payne, and Viacheslav Polovinkin for letting us use their amazing creations